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Whether you are interested oil painting, water color, ceramics, photography, animation, sculpture, comic book making, mixed media, pen and ink, or the pottery wheel, we have a camp or workshop for you.

Paint, Play & Create for Little Artists

July 29th-August 2nd | 10am-12pm | Ages 4-6 | $105 | Mikey | Niyah | Min 4/ Max 12


This creative camp will keep your young artists exploring different materials while learning some basic painting skills, and making a mess! (Don’t worry the mess stays at LSA!)  Each day will start with an ice breaker and story time followed by two themed activities. (Please have your little artist bring a water bottle and a snack)

Art at the Zoo!

August 3rd | 10am-2pm | Ages 5-9 | $55 | Emma, Danielle, Morgan, Niyah, Rae, Wes


If you love animals and love drawing, this day adventure is for you! We’ll meet at the entrance of the Buffalo Zoo and start a tour of our most admired animals, taking time to notice their unique features and environment in our sketchbooks. Min 8 / Max 20

  • All materials are included but feel free to bring your own sketchbook if you already have one. 

  • Please bring a backpack with lunch & water bottle and any items your child might need.

  • We’ll have sunscreen with us but please sunscreen your child beforehand.

  • Rainy days will still be ok! There are many amazing indoor exhibits. If the weather predicts heavy winds or thunderstorms we’ll send out an email notifying you and refund your costs.

(workshop price includes ticket price to the zoo as well!)

Craft Camp

August 12th-16th | 10am-12pm | Ages 4-6 | $105 | Mikey | Niyah | Min 4/Max 12 


Come get crafty at LSA! Each day we’ll explore a variety of materials to ignite your children’s imagination and creative side. We’ll start with a story and an icebreaker followed by two themed crafts inspired by our story.  (Please have your little artist bring a water bottle and a snack)

Sculpture for Young Artists

July 29th-August 2nd | 10am to 12pm | Ages 7-12 | $105 | Wes | Min 4/Max 10


Wes will introduce young artists to the unique qualities of sculpture and three dimensional art. Students will be able to sculpt and paint their own creations in this five day workshop.

(Please have your little artist bring a water bottle and a snack)

Youth Watercolor

Aug 5-7th | 10am-12pm | 7-12 | $55 | Danielle | Min 4 / Max 12


In this three day camp, we’ll explore the wonders of watercolor! We’ll learn basic watercolor techniques and make our ideas come to life. (Please have your little artist bring a water bottle and a snack)

Youth Comic Book Making

August 12th-16th| 1pm-2:30pm | Ages 7-12 | $55 | Niyah | Min 4/ Max 12


This creative camp will teach your young artists the art of storytelling! From storyboard to finished product, students will learn step by step how to create a comic book in this five day workshop. (Please have your little artist bring a water bottle and a snack)

Youth Comic Book Making Session II (NEW!)

August 5th-9th | 2:30pm-4pm | Ages 7-12 | $55 | Niyah

This creative camp will teach your young artists the art of storytelling! From storyboard to finished product, students will learn step by step how to create a comic book in this three day workshop. (Please have your little artist bring a water bottle and a snack)

Stop Motion 

Session 1: August 12th-16th, 10am-12pm | $105 | Trevor

Cut-out style animation |  Best for ages 7-9 | Minimum 6 / Max 8


Session 2: August 12th-16th |1pm-3pm | $105 | Trevor

Cut-out style animation | Best for ages 10-12 | Minimum 6 / Max 8


Stop motion animation is made by moving objects and figures in front of a camera and taking a picture, each movement is very small. When you play back the pictures the objects and figures come to life. Along with stop motion animation we will explore replacement animation which is the technique used by Laika for films like Kubo and the Two Strings, Coraline and ParaNorman.

With a camera and an app (stop motion studio) you can create a stop motion animated film!  We will explore the history of stop action by viewing film clips of stop action filmmakers past and present to inspire our own creations…

From writing your story to preparing the props and characters, you will progress through the stages of making your film. You will create scenes using various techniques including 2D (cutout). 

(Please have your little artist bring a water bottle and a snack)

Young Artist Summer Camp aka YASC 

YASC 1 | July 15-26th | 9:30am-2pm | Ages 7–15 | $450 

YASC 2 | Aug 19- Aug 30st | 9:30am-2pm | Ages 7-15 | $450 

Min 12 / Max 20


YASC is back and better than ever! This 2 week summer camp is for young artists ready to explore a huge variety of materials and seriously develop their skills and abilities in art! We’ll ignite their passion for art with a jam packed creative itinerary and they’ll be able to make new friends along the way! Includes a celebratory art show at the end of the camp.  (Please bring lunch & water daily.)  Scholarships available! 

  • Drawing & Painting

  • Hand Building Ceramics

  • Printmaking

  • Fabric Arts

  • Stop-Motion Animation

  • Photography

  • Art Careers

  • Local Buffalo Artists

  • Art History

  • Art Terminology


Young Artist Summer Camp is a jam packed day camp filled with a vast array of art projects! We’ll paint, sculpt, animate, draw, and so much more! We may even sneak in some useful techniques for improving your art. Who knows…you might even learn something too!

Teen & Adult
Teen & Adult  Workshops

One-Page Zine Workshop

July 9, 2024 | 5-7pm | $25 | Jordan

Join storyteller + zinemaker, Jordan Roth, for a zine-making workshop! Jordan will walk you through the conception, design, and creation of your very own one-page zine. All supplies provided. 

Intermediate Oil Painting

Tuesdays, July 30, August 6 & 13 | 5-7pm | $65 | Danielle

Level up your oil painting skills in this three-day workshop! Our technical focus will be on different types of oil painting materials, advanced color palettes, layering techniques, and more. You will also learn about how to implement conceptual elements in your paintings in order to create more purposeful art. All materials provided. 

Pen and Ink: Exploring Nature

Wednesdays July 31, Aug 7 & 14 | 2-4 pm | $55 | Shelby

Learn the tradition of pen and ink while spending time in nature! Instructor Shelby will teach you all the techniques required to create bold and dynamic works using ink while exploring structures in nature. Wednesday July 31st will meet at LSA, August 7th & 14th  will take place at Tifft Nature Preserve. All materials provided. 

Eco Printing & Bookmaking 

Aug 14 & 15 | 10am-12 pm | $45 | Shelby


Make your own book using nature! Eco-printing is a kind of a natural dyeing technique that uses leaves, flowers, and other plant materials to create patterns and colors on fabric or paper. This 2-day workshop will show you how to make your own natural dyes for your prints, and how to bind them together to make a book.

Intro to Watercolor

Aug 5th-7th | 1pm-2:30pm | $55 | Danielle


Learn the basics of watercolor painting! In this three day workshop, you will discover the magic of watercolors through process based techniques. Instructor Danielle will guide you in applying these techniques to create your very own work of art. All materials provided. 

Dip Your Hands into Pottery

July 11th & August 7th,  5-7pm | $35 | Wes/Emma


Try your hand at the potter’s wheel in this one-day workshop. After completing this workshop you may find you want to keep at and continue building your skills and take one of our Intro to Pottery classes! Ideal for beginners. Clay, tools, & firing provided. Ages 16+

Intro to the Pottery Wheel 

Thursdays July 25th-August 29th | 5-7pm |$165 | Wes


Learn the ins and outs of how to properly use a pottery wheel in this 6-week workshop. After completing this workshop you will have open access to the pottery wheels during Studio class times! Clay, tools, & firing provided! Ages 16+

Intermediate Pottery Wheel

Tuesdays July 23rd-August 27th | 5-7pm | $165 | Emma


Have you taken pottery wheel classes in the past, but want to take your skills to the next level? This is the class for you! Instructor Emma Brittain will help you take your pottery wheel abilities to the next level in this 6 week workshop. Clay, tools, & firing provided. Ages 16+


Photo Adventures Series { Architecture }

July 19th 6-8pm | Niagara Square | $20 | Nick


Love architecture and photography? We’ll meet in Niagara Square (in front of Buffalo City Hall) and the instructor Nick Butler will take you on a guided walking photo excursion to capture Buffalo’s historic and ornate architecture. 

Photo Adventures Series { Street Photo } 

August 2nd, 6-8pm | $20| Nick


(First Friday) $15 | Learn to create captivating photos of everyday life during Allentown’s First Friday. Allentown meeting location TBD

Photo Adventures Series { Golden Hour }

August 8th, 6-8pm  (7:04-7:38pm) $20 | Nick

Learn how to benefit from the angle of the sun during the golden hour. Bring your camera or borrow one of ours.

Portrait Photography

August 22nd, 6-8pm | $20 | Nick  At Locust Street Art


Learn what tools and settings are needed to capture a portrait! Nick Butler will teach you the ins and outs of portrait photography. 

Photo Adventures Series {Late Night Light Trails}

August 30th 8-10:00pm  | $20 | Nick


Meet at Hoyt Lake / Access to bridges / overpasses / Monday night hoopers

Ever wanted to learn how to capture light trails or long exposures of movement? This late night workshop will teach you how long exposures can work toward capturing movement and the movement of light.

Summer Camp & Workshop Info


Refunds are available up until 3 days before the workshop starts. 


Workshop Cancellations 

In case of low enrollment, a workshop may be canceled. You will be notified 3 days before the start date if we need to do so.


Covid-19 Safety Measures

Currently we recommend but do not require masks. Sanitizers & masks are available at LSA if needed. As things develop our policy could change.

Ages 4-7 Pick-Up & Drop-Off Procedures

Please sign-in and out your child at the front desk each day. Please verify the emergency contact information is correct.

Ages 8-12 Pick-Up & Drop-Off Procedures

Please sign your child in for the first day of camp and verify the emergency contact information at the desk is correct. It is up to you following the first day if you feel you need to walk your child in or not. However, please do not leave until you’ve seen your child enter the building.


For children with any medical supplies like inhalers or epi pens, please show the front desk attendant where those items can be found.


We love and feel safe in our neighborhood but we will still be keeping the doors locked while camps are in session. No visitors without an appointment will be allowed in. If you arrive late and the door is locked please ring our doorbell.

Food & Drink

  • 2 Hour Camps/Workshops: Please pack a water bottle and a snack to be available if needed.

  • Art at the Zoo: Please pack a water bottle, snack and lunch.

  • Y.A.S.C. (Young Artist Summer Camp) Please pack a water bottle, snack and lunch.



Street parking is available around LSA in addition to permit only parking. You are more than welcome to put a schedule (located at the front door) on your dashboard if you will be there longer than dropping off your child. Parking enforcement is aware of our organization and usually ignores LSA visitors and students.


Any changes or important day of information, you will be contacted via the email entered on the sign-up form.

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