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What is the enrollment process?


We annually request that each student enroll. Our enrollment link is live on the website during our fall and spring sessions! Additionally, we ask that you sign in for attendance at the front desk each visit. This helps us provide valuable data when writing grants.

Do I need to come to every class?


We do not expect students to come to every class. Our classes are open classes which means that each student works on their own project and at their own pace! We offer multiple classtimes to help accommodate everyone’s busy schedules. You are also more than welcome to take multiple classes.

How long should my child stay?


8-12 year olds are often done creating for the day after 2 hours. They are not meant to create for the entire duration of class. (example 1-5pm on Saturdays) Children’s drawing and painting currently has 1.5 hr time slots to help reduce classes filling up. At this time all classes are drop-in and there is no sign-up, just enrollment.

How much does it cost?


Our mission since 1959 is to provide FREE studio classes! Art should be accessible to everyone and not just those who can afford it. As a non-profit we operate from grants, donations, & fundraisers


What materials do I need to bring?


You are more than welcome to bring your own camera, paints, brushes, and other items you prefer but we have all materials available for you here at Locust Street Art.

When are your FREE Studio Art Classes?


We operate our

Free Studio Art Classes in two sessions:

  • Fall (Mid-September to Mid-December)

  • Spring (Mid-March to Mid-June)

During Winter we offer… (January & February)

  • Winter Weekends (free, all ages)

  • Youth, Teen & Adult Workshops (low-cost)

During Summer we offer… (July & August)

  • Low-Cost Summer Workshops (teens & adults)

  • Summer Camps (youth)

About our Annual Art Show!

Each year since 1959, we have held an Annual Art Show in the Summer after the Spring Session. We encourage you to take home your collection of works at the end of Spring session after we have selected pieces for the show to be displayed for the next year at Locust Street Art! We understand little ones can get attached and some people make art as gifts, so no problem there!

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