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Welcome to Children's Art

Instructor: Akasya Crosier

Instructor: Ms. Akasya

Akasya Crosier is a mixed media artist, graphic designer, and marketer living on the West Side of Buffalo. After graduating from the University at Buffalo with degrees in Communication and Studio Art (with a minor in Education), she has worked primarily in marketing of nonprofits. When she is not instructing the Children's Art Class or posting to the Locust Street Art social media account, she runs a small business featuring retail items of her digital illustrations. You can find her work in a dozen stores across Western New York.


"As an artist, I am most interested in patterns and color, often painting saturated landscapes using scrap fabric and acrylic paint; my pieces are inspired by recent travels, walks in Upstate/Western NY, and my daily life. My favorite part of teaching is encouraging students to follow their passion, and seeing their creative minds at work."

Ages 4-12

  • Thursdays: 3:30-4:30pm OR 4:30pm-5:30pm

  • Saturdays: 1-2:30pm OR 3-4:30pm

Students will work on…

  • Painting materials / knowledge

  • Color Mixing

  • Inspiration from Famous Artists

  • Drawing details / basics of art elements

  • Completing an idea

  • How to take care of their work and materials

  • Basic classroom etiquette

Ms. Akasya will work with each student on the basics of painting while encouraging each student to develop their own ideas and the steps needed to do so!



September 16th - December 16th

Students are NOT expected to come to each class. Come when it works for you!

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