Hand-drawn Animation

Suggested Donation


Locust Street Art does not turn any students away due to lack of funds.
This is a suggested donation per class for students who can afford to give. Donations of any size at any time are always beneficial and help provide classes for all students.


Fall Schedule

September 15th-December 15th, 2018
Thursdays 3-6pm
Saturdays 1-5pm

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Supplies to Bring

Just yourself, we have light boxes, pencil, paper, and a photographing station for you to use to digitize your work.

Feel free to bring examples of past work if you have any, but most students start as complete beginners.


Class Description

Animation combines the skill and creativity of drawing with the movement and excitement of film. It can be silly, goofy and fun or enormously profound and serious. Simply put, like any other form of art, animation can be whatever you need it to be.


At Locust Street Art, we’re dedicated to teaching students of all skill levels and backgrounds the foundations of animation.


If you enroll as one of our animation students, you’ll begin by completing a few classic animation exercises designed to introduce you to the foundations of the animation process. These exercises will teach you the essentials of animating movement and expression so that these principles become second nature when you begin to animate your own ideas, scenes and stories. After that, all instruction is individually based, meaning that you’ll work one-on-one with our talented instructor to bring your own creative visions to life. They’ll act as your mentor, providing guidance and encouragement and making sure to challenge you so that you reach your full potential as an artist and as an animator. Along with developing your animation skills, you’ll also learn how to digitize your work so that you can upload it to the internet and share it with the world. You’ll build the kind of dynamic foundation that will enable you to create an impressive animation portfolio that could lead to more advanced study in animation.


If you’re considering applying to art school, our class is an excellent way to get exposed to the fundamentals of animation and see if it’s right for you.


As with most of the programs at Locust Street Art, enrollment in our hand-drawn animation class is absolutely free. Materials are provided and we’ll give you access to all of the technology that you need to create your animations, as well as publish them online. You’re free to come as often as you like, and you’ll work at your own pace to realize your own ideas. If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to entertain, inspire, and tell a story, our hand-drawn animation class might be for you.

Call today for more information, or drop in and get started right away!