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Welcome to Photography

Instructor: Nick Butler

Photography Instructor Nick Butler

Nick Butler was born in Washington DC, grew up in Maryland, and currently lives and works in Buffalo, NY.

He studied photography at SUNY Buffalo State with professors Les Krims and Jim Sylvia and University photographer Bruce Fox. 

"As an artist my medium of choice is photography. I love creating art for the joy it brings me and seeing how others can experience and be impacted by it. I enjoy shooting a variety of events and situations, and welcome any opportunities that may come my way. I love bringing my creative eye to my freelance work, but am no stranger to straightforward traditional photography."

We’ll teach you everything that you need to know to become a skilled photographer.

Film Photography​

  • Ages 16+ | Tuesdays | 3:30-6:00pm

Digital Photography

  • Ages 12+ | Thurs | 3:30-6:00pm & Saturdays 1-5pm


March 16th - June 15th

Learning the art of photography is a fantastic way to take a step back and view the world through new eyes. Not only does our photography class teach you how to create beautiful images, but it also teaches you a different way to see the world around you.

Whether you’re a beginner or novice, our Free Studio Art Classes support your interests and needs in photography whether its to develop a certain skill or to grow your technical and conceptual skills in photography.

Bring your camera or learn on one of ours!

Editing software and computers are now available as well!

Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera

Digital Photography

Bring your camera or learn on one of ours! Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera

Our Free Studio Art Classes are SELF-DIRECTED with the guidance of your instructor. That means come when it works for you and stay however long you want!


September 16th - December 16th

Pentax 5000 camera

Film Photography


Learn the historic process of developing your own black & white film! We’ll teach you film photography with our Pentax 5000 cameras and provide some film to learn from.

First Sample of Film on us!

Additional rolls will need to be provided by the student.

Black and White Film Roll

Average Cost $8-$12 for 36 exposures.

  • Must be 35mm

  • High speed ISO 400

  • Black & White

(Some brands will make special film to develop black & white with color chemicals. We CAN NOT use them, make sure to read the fine print!)

Students are NOT expected to come to each class. Come when it works for you!

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