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Welcome to Animation Lab

Generously funded by the
James H. Cummings Foundation

Instructor: Roger Scott

Roger Scott is a 49 year veteran of the animation industry. For twenty of those years he was involved in the production of hundreds of 30 second television commercials for General Mills products including Lucky Charms, Trix, Cheerios, Strawberry Shortcake among others. Mentored by Disney Animator George Bakes (Bill Tytla’s protégée), character animation was his first love as an artist.

"I was smitten by the animation bug at age 4 when my grandfather drew a picture of Mighty Mouse and I realized the early bird cartoons on our black and white TV were being drawn by someone. There's something primal about a drawing coming to life that still inspires me all these years later."


Animated filmmaking employs many different techniques. Our Lab is set up to accommodate Traditional Hand Drawn Paper Animation, Hand Drawn Digital Animation, and Cut Out Animation. (The Lab also runs workshops for Claymation and Stop Motion Puppet Animation.)

Individual students are encouraged to bring their own ideas to the screen.


Our students are of all ages and skill levels and are supported and encouraged to explore the process of animated filmmaking at their own pace.

Animation Disk

Ages 10 -100

  • Tues and Thurs | 3:30-6:00pm


  • Saturday 1-5pm

Our Free Studio Art Classes are SELF-DIRECTED with the guidance of your instructor. That means come when it works for you and stay however long you want!


March 16th - June 15th

Student using a Wacom Cintiq
Stop Motion Puppet at Locust Street Art
Cut Out Animation at Locust Street Art

Roger's YouTube

You Tube Videos

Students are NOT expected to come to each class. Come when it works for you!

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