B&W Film and Digital Photography

Suggested Donation


Locust Street Art does not turn any students away due to lack of funds.
This is a suggested donation per class for students who can afford to give. Donations of any size at any time are always beneficial and help provide classes for all students.


Fall Schedule

September 15th-December 15th, 2018
Tuesdays 3-6pm
Saturdays 1-5pm

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Supplies to Bring

  • any kind of film or digital camera, if you don’t, we have some 35mm film cameras that you can rent.
  •  film/paper processing products (e.g. paper, film etc.)
  • any examples of work you may have, though we also accept and encourage complete beginners.


Class Description

Learning the art of film photography is a fantastic way to take a step back and view the world through new eyes. Not only does our film photography class teach you how to create beautiful images, but it also teaches you a different way to see the world around you.


At Locust Street Art, we’ll teach you everything that you need to know to become a skilled film and/or digital photographer.


Our students come from a variety of skill levels and backgrounds. Locust Street Art has something to offer no matter if you’ve been shooting for years or if you’ve never touched a camera in your life. First, you’ll learn your way around a basic 35mm film camera, from how to load the film, to how to frame a shot and take the image that you want to take.

Unlike many other art schools, our instruction is individually based, meaning that you’ll be developing your own ideas and your own goals under the personalized instruction of our talented photography instructor. Once you’ve shot all of the photos on the roll, we’ll walk you through the process of preparing your negatives and working in the darkroom. This specialized process empowers you to take creative control of your images so that they come out looking exactly how you’ve envisioned.

As photography has evolved into the digital realm; we now present digital camera usage and photography 101. As of now, we do not supply digital cameras. If you have a digital camera you would like to have a better understanding of, feel free to bring it in.


At Locust Street Art, you’ll create pieces of art that are meaningful and meant to last, memories that you can be proud of preserving.


As with most of our programs at Locust Street Art, black and white film photography is a free art class. Film Cameras are available for use and materials, including darkroom chemicals and photo paper, are provided at no cost, though we encourage those who can afford to provide their own materials to do so. If needed, we can provide you with your first two rolls of film for free. Students are free to come as often as they like and are always encouraged to follow their own artistic vision.


Call today for more information, or just stop by and get started!