Children’s Painting and Drawing

Suggested Donation


Locust Street Art does not turn any students away due to lack of funds.
This is a suggested donation per class for students who can afford to give. Donations of any size at any time are always beneficial and help provide classes for all students.


Fall Schedule

September 15th-December 15th, 2018
Tuesday 3-6pm
Saturday 1-3pm

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Supplies to Bring

All of our studio classes are drop-in classes, so you can bring your child to our painting and drawing class whenever it’s convenient for your schedule. Stop by when you’d like to begin and we’ll register you at the door!

Are you a new parent to Locust Street Art? We encourage you to read our full parent policy here.


Class Description

At Locust Street Art, we’re proud to give the children of Buffalo, NY the chance to develop as artists in an encouraging and accessible environment, absolutely free of charge. Art is a uniquely rewarding form of self-expression, and it’s also been linked to the development of critical thinking and interpersonal skills, especially in children. If you’re looking for a program that will give your child a positive outlet for self-expression and also help them grow as a person, then our painting and drawing class might be for you.


No matter what your child’s skill level or artistic aspirations might be, they’ll fit right in at Locust Street Art.


If necessary, we’ll start with the foundations of drawing and painting, teaching your child how to mix the colors and create the drawings necessary to realize their own unique artistic vision. After that, all instruction is individually based.

Your child will be free to create whatever they like, with our skilled instructor serving as a mentor and a guide every step of the way. We believe that when children are free to follow their creativity, amazing things happen. Bringing their own ideas to life, at their own pace, can help build confidence and critical thinking skills, as well as lead to wonderful works of art. No matter if your child is a budding professional artist or if they just need a positive space to go to after school, Locust Street Art has something to offer everyone who comes through our doors.

If your child would like to learn to paint and draw, it couldn’t be easier to start. As with most of our programs at Locust Street Art, the children’s drawing and painting class is absolutely free. Materials are provided, though we encourage those who can, to donate to support our classes. Your child can come as often as they like, and enrollment is ongoing.


If you’d like to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to encourage your child’s development as a painter, and as a person, give us a call, or stop by a class and get started!