Contracted Services

At Locust Street Art, the students create the curriculum. We’re founded on the belief that each person’s unique artistic vision is valuable, and we do everything we can to help our students develop their skills as well as their passion and perspective. All of our students choose their own subjects from day one and find the best way to make these ideas come to life. Students build self-confidence as they work towards their own goals at their own pace, building valuable skills both as artists and as people. It’s also a space where your students will receive enthusiastic praise and encouragement that they might not always find in their everyday lives.

Benefits of Locust Street Art contracted services:

  • Custom designed curriculum to address the needs of your organization’s students
  • Unlike our drop-in classes, students receive more individualized attention from instructor(s)
  • A capstone project or exhibition event at the conclusion of the program
  • Students develop an appreciation for the visual arts and the knowledge and skills to continue working after the class has concluded

Locust Street Art is dedicated to providing arts education and access to those traditionally excluded from the visual arts. We have a long history of collaborating with community organizations such as: Baker Victory Services, Child and Family Services, Project Gift, and other mentorship programs all over Western New York. Our instructors have not only studied visual arts at the collegiate level but also work professionally as artists and exhibit work throughout the region. Additionally, instructors act as mentors, guiding students to discover their own innate talents and creativity. We’re really excited to collaborate with your organization and continue to provide access to the visual arts in Buffalo, NY. Feel free to contact us via phone or email at your convenience to begin planning a custom program for your organization.


Rachelyn Noworyta
Contracted Services Coordinator
[email protected]