Teen Assistants

Do you have a passion for art and education? Are you a high school student or set to start high school in the fall? Are you looking for an opportunity to become a part of an artistic community and build your portfolio while also helping to promote the arts in Buffalo, NY? If so, then the Teen Assistant Program at Locust Street Art might be for you.

Our Teen Assistants are assigned to help out with classes in their medium of choice, including painting, drawing, ceramics, animation, photography and digital media. They work closely with the instructor to engage and encourage students in our free art classes while also getting the opportunity to have their own portfolio regularly reviewed and critiqued. Teen assistants are also given the opportunity to attend a workshop each year free of charge, giving them the opportunity to expand their artistic skill set and experiment with different media. The teen assistant program is a great opportunity for high school students who have an interest in pursuing art once they graduate. The instructors at Locust Street Art can provide guidance, mentoring and insight on art in general and applying to art school in particular. Teen assistants will also be working with artists their own age, fostering connections that can last a lifetime.

If the teen assistant program sounds right for you, we encourage you to contact us and take a few classes at Locust Street Art.

Amara Fields

Ceramics Assistant

Hi! I am Amara and I am a Teen Assistant at Locust Street Art. I am 16 years old and I attend WNY Maritime Charter School. I began taking classes at LSA when I was 7 years old when my mom moved us to the Fruitbelt Area to be close to this organization. I grew up around art, music and dance. I like working here because I am giving to the kids what LSA gave to me; A place to express myself and a place I could call home.

Nate Dickey

Children's Painting and Drawing Assistant

Hi, my name is Nathaniel or Nate for short. I attend Erie Community College for general studies and I am a Teen Assistant at Locust Street Art. You can usually find me greeting you at the door or in the Animation classroom lending a hand to Mr. Roger. I’ve been doing art for as long as I can remember, since I was in Elementary school. Currently, I consider myself a self taught digital painter, making characters inspired by anime and comics. I tend to sketch a lot too with any bit of free time that I can get. I hope to see you and help you here at Locust Street Art!


Nyasia Wilson

Children's Painting and Drawing Assistant

Hi my name is Nyasia or Panama if that’s easier. I am a student at City Honors and a Teen Assistant at Locust Street Art. I’ve recently joined Locust Street Art’s team to embrace the joys of creating and sharing art! I hope to learn more and help others through this wonderful form of expression.